Meet the GICL Board of Trustees

The GICL Board of Trustees represents agricultural cooperatives in an advisory function to the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

Bob Behr, CEO of Florida’s Natural Growers

Chuck Conner, President & CEO of National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Christopher Daubert, Vice Chancellor & Dean, CAFNR, University of Missouri-Columbia

Jay Debertin, President & CEO of CHS, Inc.

Carl Dickinson, President & CEO of Central Valley Ag

Beth Ford, President & CEO of Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Tom Halverson, President & CEO of CoBank

Tom Hayes, President & CEO of Ocean Spray

Keri Jacobs, Executive Director, GICL & MFA Chair in Agribusiness

Mark Jansen, President & CEO of Blue Diamond Growers


Dennis Rodenbaugh, President & CEO of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

Chris Schaffer, CEO & General Manager of AGP, Inc.

Ernie Verslues, President & CEO of MFA, Inc.